The Ethnographic Museum from Reghin

Organized out of the desire to preserve and exhibit the architecture monuments, technical installations and folk art objects, the museum was opened in 1960 by its founder, the museum curator Anton Badea.

Located at the interference of several ethnographic areas – the Upstream Mures area, the Subcalimanilor area, the GurghiuluiValley, the Transylvania Plain, the museum has maintained its purpose of being a symbol and testimony of the Romanian people’s perpetuity on these lands.

In seven rooms, in a logical evolving sequence, we are presenting some of the most representative objects in the museum inventory: general household, agricultural, pastoral and handicraft objects, objects belonging to folk art – pottery, furniture, folk costumes and interior adornment textiles – integrated in the customs and traditions of the Mures area.

In the close vicinity of the exhibition hosted in the main building, the open-air section displays the folk culture of the area through household constructions and handicraft installations.

Visiting schedule:

Tuesday – Sunday – 09.00 – 17.00

Monday – closed