The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, Sibiu

The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization from Sibiu, the County of Sibiu, was built in 1963 as a “museum of the folk techniques”, and aimed at illustrating the entire traditional folk art creation in Romania.

Initially divided into 4 thematic sectors, Manufacturing and processing the agri-food products, Extracting and processing ores and organic (non-food) and inorganic (wood, vegetables, clay, ore, stone, metals) raw materials, Processing the skins, furs and (vegetal and animal) textile fibers, Traditional Vehicles, the Museum approaches the entire traditional occupational system (from harvesting in the nature to the general and specialized occupations, from household occupations to village handicrafts of all types, from “household industries” to specialized “peasantry industries”, from carried transports (directly, by man or by animals), to hauled (dragged or rolled)  transports and floating transports.

Visiting schedule:

Winter – Tuesday – Sunday – 09.00 – 17.00

Summer – Tuesday – Sunday – 10.00 – 18.00

Special: On the first Wednesday of the month – free entry (without visitation of the monuments)