The Maramures Village Museum

The Maramureşean Village Museum in Sighetul Marmaţiei is like a reservation of vernacular architectural moments in the Maramureş Country, selected according to accurate scientific criteria on the basis of typical local buildings, their architectural evolution in diachronic display (starting from the oldest buildings found) and in synchronic display (as they were anchored in the settlements and preserved their functionality until they were transferred to the museum).

Within the village-museum, the houses and households were grouped according to the main sub-areas of the historical Maramures (Cosau – Mara and Downstream Iza to Stramtura, Middle Iza, Viseu – Borsa, the sub-area of Tisa and of the Ruscova basin).

The Village Road, Church Alley, MillValley, straight and winding alleys, paths and  “stiles” make up the intimate structure of the village-museum.

Visiting schedule:

Winter – Tuesday – Sunday – 09.00 – 17.00

Summer – Tuesday – Sunday – 10.00 – 18.00