AMALR – Open Air Museum Association from Romanian is a social need , a desire of specialists in outdoor museums and a public desire for better communication with the heritage museum .

Romania has a strong network of museums that represent the country at international conferences proudly with people trained and dedicated science.

Open air Museum Network is a tool for those who want to learn about museums of its kind in the country, affiliated institutions and museums network from Europe and beyond. You can create connections between museums and between visitors .

Plann -ing a trip to the country and outside the country , in terms of rural tourism can be achieved by using the Association website , which is in this case a great database but also a way to know the what time to travel due to the timing of events held at the events section .

It is a boon for members who visit museums in Romania, due Member ticket exempting entry tax by simply presenting it.

There are several reasons , but we’ll let you discover them … alone … or together and then transmit them to us via email – muzeulsatului_ig@yahoo.com

Perspective :

• Tourist route AMALR
Large project , a challenge for Amalric , developed through a partnership and close collaboration with the Association of the most beautiful villages in Romania , in Brasov
( http://cele-mai-frumoase-sate-romania.webs.com/ )
The Association has more than 200 villages as members.
Village eliminatory criteria for candidate:
– must have a rural character – under 5000 inhabitants
– must have touristic and cultural attraction , ex – classified monuments , museum, NATURA 2000 site , etc. .
– architectural and urban heritage value, assessed quality criteria
– decision CL
Any village candidate will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee and certification .
The Commission is made up of specialists and is independent .