The Vâlcea County Museum


The beginnings of the Valcea museography dates back right from the end of the 2nd World War, after the setting up of the first museum in Ramnicu Valcea – the Ramnicu Valcea Regional Museum – in the 1949-1950s, by the transfer from the “Lahovari” High School of several archaeological, historical, plastic art, icons, old church books, live science object collections, etc).

The museum was originally organized in the building of the current “Casa Simian” ArtsMuseum, and transformed into the RamnicuValceaDistrictMuseum in 1955, becoming the Valcea County Museum in 1968.

After 1968 the ValceaCountyMuseum has continuously developed and extended its collections, turning into a cultural institution focused on the research, preservation, restoration and display of such collections through exhibitions, cultural programs, museum pedagogy programs.

Because it was designed and organized as a cultural complex, the ValceaCountyMuseum consists in 9 museum units, of which the VillageMuseum is emblematic for the local traditional culture.