The Bran Village Museum


The VillageMuseum in Bran is located in the very yard of the BranCastle (the most visited tourist site in Romania, according to official statistics – due to the legends presenting the main character “Dracula”) and represents a significant cultural vestige of the Bran area. Set up over 40 years ago, the VillageMuseum highlights the traditional architecture of the Barsa Land (Burzenland) villages.

The main types of households and houses displayed inside the museum, along with a series of ancillary household constructions, refer to the basic occupations of the time, such as: agriculture, livestock farming, the processing of wool and wood, etc. The BranVillageMuseum highlights the typical architectural evolution from one-room houses to two or three-room houses, with porch and various ancillary constructions.

The VillageMuseum in Bran is a live testimony of this ethnographic area rich in culture and traditions and an attraction point for numerous tourists who transit the Bran or spend their vacation in the local B&Bs.

Muzeul Satului din Bran este o marturie vie a acestei zone etnografice, bogată în cultură şi tradiţii şi totodată, reprezentand un punct de atracţie pentru numeroşii turişti care tranzitează Branul sau petrec sejurul la pensiunile de aici.

Visiting schedule:

Summer: Monday – 12.00 – 18.00; Tuesday – Sunday – 9.00 – 18.00

Winter: Tuesday – Sunday – 9.00 – 16.00