The Szekely National Museum

The SzekelyNationalMuseum, founded by Mrs. Emilia Cserey Zathureczky in 1879, is a regional museum exhibiting the culture of the three counties where the Szekely people live (the Counties of Covasna, Harghita and part of the Mureș County – the land of the former Szekely thrones). It is a mixed museum, comprising the following sections: ethnography, history-archeology, arts, life sciences, photo library and documentary library. The museum also has external sections, such as the HaszmannPálMuseum in Cernat, the TradesMuseum in Targu-Secuiesc, the CeangaiEthnographicMuseum in Zabala and the BaraoltDepressionMuseum in Baraolt.

Visiting schedule:

Winter: Monday – closed; Tuesday – Friday: 9.00–16.00; Saturday – Sunday – 9.00 -14.00

Summer:  Monday – closed; Tuesday – Sunday: 9.00–17.00