The Ciuc Szekely Museum

The CiucSzekelyMuseum, a public institution reporting to the Town Hall, is the biggest museum in the County of Harghita. Our main responsibility is the research, preservation and display of the cultural heritage in the CiucBasin. The institution is an active presence of the museum network of the CarpathianBasin, with experience in developing several projects of the European Union. In addition to its scientific role, the CiucSzekelyMuseum is a significant tourist attraction in the area: during the high season, the four permanent exhibitions are visited by 15,000 tourists, while the temporary exhibitions attract 40,000-60,000 visitors annually.

Visiting schedule:

Summer – (15 March − 15 October) –  Tuesday – Sunday − 10.00 -18.00      

Winter – (16 October − 14 March) –  Tuesday – Sunday − 10.00 -17.00       

On Monday, legal and religious holidays, closed.