The Viticulture and Tree Growing Museum – Golesti

The open-air section of the Viticulture and TreeGrowingMuseum – Golesti was set up in 1966. The open-air section is structured in two large themes:

The geographic representation of the tree growing and vineyard households in Romania, enclosing the houses, the tree growing – vineyard related tools, the interior furniture and folk costumes, particular to their areas of origin;

The specialized sector consisting of the temporary buildings and shelters, located on each side of the path crossing through the center of the vineyard or orchard.

The Romanian Viticulture and TreeGrowingMuseum exhibits  a Romanian village of the 19th century, with complete households from the main tree growing and viticulture areas of Romania. The Museum houses 160 monuments of folk architecture and over 40,000 museum objects.

Visiting schedule:

Winter – Tuesday – Sunday – 08.00 – 16.00; Monday – closed

Summer – Tuesday – Sunday – 09.00 – 18.00; Monday – closed